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Many know me for the now eliminated sewing site on what was still uses those articles on other domains (IE and I have been overwhelmed with emails regarding missing pattern pieces on articles I wrote and they have republished. Please note, that I understand your frustration but have no access to make corrections or tell you where they have "hidden" the missing pattern pieces. In the world of publishing "they" own those patterns and it would be wrong of me to redistribute them unless I can find my original copies before they were distributed to Unfortunatly I trusted and may not have a copy of my original patterns, so I'm afraid that unless they repair their errors those patterns may be gone forever... but that doesn't mean I can't design bigger, better, badder patterns, SO hang on your hat and check back often as new things will be published here as fast as I can achieve them!

As I find original patterns pieces (remember some are over 19 years old and there have been many computer changes over the years) I will publish them and link to them here.

Just to prove things are in the works... please take a peak at how to make a pattern so you can Create a Customized Guinea Pig Cage Liner.

New Articles on Patterns Pieces that Seems to Have Lost But is Maintaining the Articles - Directions are maintained by About/Spruce/dotdash or what ever they call themselves at any given time.